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Improving Working Lives

Labour market transitions, quality of work and worker voice

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Amplifying Employee Voice and Hearing the Unheard

A new research project exploring Working Lives and Good Work in the West of Scotland. The project - which runs for three years - is led by an independent research team based at Strathclyde Business School. Project partners include the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, Acas, and The Fair Work Convention 

How can we transform working lives and promote good work in the West of Scotland?

That's the question that - with your help - we're trying to consider.

Good work is recognised as fundamental to wellbeing, a motivated workforce, productive organisations, a strong economy, and fair societies. However, good work has various dimensions including pay and benefits, work-life balance, job design and employee voice. Our aim is to understand more about good work and working life in the west of Scotland. This will help us make recommendations to improve policymaking and to identify and share innovative examples of effective organisational practice. Some of the themes we wish to explore include: 


Labour market transitions and employability

Current labour market conditions and experiences, how these impact working lives, as well as barriers and opportunities for accessing good work.  

Working lives

How have working lives changed across a range of occupations, sectors, and types of organisations? How do people management practices and the employment relationship impact the quality of working life in terms of employment security, working conditions, location of work, and access to training and skills development. 

Effective employee voice

Employee voice is central to good work. For employers, employee voice is associated with greater trust, innovation and productivity. Workers who feel they have a say at work report feeling more satisfied, motivated and valued. This can lead to greater commitment to employers.  How do employees share their views, ideas and experiences, including in new remote and hybrid working environments? What challenges are experienced? What innovative and effective practices are used?  


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